Cheap freight and buses

Sydney’s largest bus stop is “black” in its signage and the bus stop’s driver is a “black man”, according to a Sydney ABC investigation.

The ABC’s investigation has found the bus terminal in the city’s west is “clearly a bus stop for the bus company”, but a spokeswoman for Greyhound said its signage has a “clear black background”.

The spokeswoman told the ABC that the busstop was built by the company in 2004, but that the company has since changed its signage.

“Greyhound’s signage at the Greyhound Bus Terminal is a clear black background,” she said.

“There are no signs posted in black in the terminal.”

The ABC contacted Greyhound but was told that the signage would not be changed.

Greyhound has apologised for the controversy surrounding its bus stop in Sydney’s west, and apologised for a “poor” response to a recent social media survey.

The company has said it is working on a response.

The spokeswoman said Greyhound has been working to improve the signage in its terminals in the past year, but the company had not yet responded to the ABC’s request for an interview.

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