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Trump signed the Military Service Equality Act on Wednesday, a bill banning transgender people from serving openly in the U.S. military.

The measure, known as Military Service Education Act, or MSEE, would prohibit transgender individuals in the military from serving.

The measure was authored by Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, who has been one of the most vocal advocates for the ban, which was originally proposed by President Donald Trump in 2018.

Lee, who chairs the Armed Services subcommittee that will be voting on the legislation, said in a statement that the measure “sets forth the core tenets of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the basic understanding of military service that we expect all our soldiers to uphold and uphold the fundamental right to serve.”

He added that the legislation “does not require military members to change their gender identity or to disclose their sex.”

Lee is one of four Republican senators who signed the legislation.

He said that he was “pleased” with Trump’s signing of the legislation after a long fight.

“Our military needs our help and the president signed this legislation to support our troops,” he said.

The president signed the measure into law after signing a proclamation ordering the military to “conduct a full review of current and past policies regarding transgender service members,” according to a White House statement.

“We must continue to ensure that all service members are treated with respect and dignity, and we will continue to support all who serve the country with all the resources we can,” the statement said.

President Trump’s executive order, which also banned transgender individuals who identify as women and other individuals who are not of a certain sex from serving, was signed on Wednesday by Defense Secretary James Mattis, who also ordered an investigation into the matter.

The military has been criticized for its lack of progress toward integrating transgender troops.

Trump tweeted in September that “it’s time to put a stop to the Transgender ban.

#TransgenderBans will never be lifted!”