Cheap freight and buses

Bus schedules are an important part of the London transport network, but they are often a bit confusing, or downright confusing to new users, writes Paul Cairns.

We want to know what buses are coming, so we asked our London transport correspondent, bus fuck.

Bus schedules are used by the London bus network, and they are used to plan trips between central London, including the bus network itself. 

Bus schedules, in their simplest form, are divided into two sections, each of which covers one of London’s major transport routes. 

The first section is known as “bus time”, or “the time for buses”. 

Bus time is divided into four parts, which are listed below: 1.

The first leg of a journey, or the first stop at a bus stop. 

This is usually where you board your bus and the buses will usually stop at your stop, for example. 


The second leg of the journey, which is usually a different bus stop from the first, or a new stop on your route. 


The last leg of your journey, usually a new bus stop on the route that you are travelling. 


The final leg of an entire journey, where the buses stop at the end of the line, or if there is a service to the last stop on a route.

Bus stops are generally located on either side of the stop, and a bus will usually make a stop at one of these stops.

Bus stops also vary in length depending on the length of the trip. 

If you are going to be travelling on a longer route, the bus stop should be a few minutes or less later than the start of the route, for instance, or two or three minutes earlier, depending on how far you are from your destination. 

It’s also important to note that bus stops vary in the number of stops that they make, so you can find a bus that will only stop once, rather than the other way around.

There are also bus stop signs that you need to look out for, including ones for “The Bus Stop”, “The Stops”, “Where to Stop”, and “Bus Stop Directions”. 

These are a great place to check the bus route, as well as the arrival and departure times of each bus.

Bus stop directions are also important. 

Some routes, particularly in central London like Oxford Street and St Pancras, will usually have specific directions for stopping at bus stops. 

Other routes, like the Jubilee Line and the Metropolitan line, will generally show you where to stop, or give you more detailed directions. 

You should also keep an eye out for the “Bus Stops” sign, which will usually give you information on when the next stop will be, and the exact location of the next bus stop that is on your trip.

If you want to find out more about bus schedules, bus fuck will be visiting London’s London Transport Hub on Friday 11 October at 10am BST.

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