Cheap freight and buses

Bus drivers in Germany have long been using their phones to share bus clips, but the practice has now been banned after a spate of bus accidents.

According to the city’s Transport Ministry, bus drivers can’t do so, because the devices are too expensive.

But with more and more devices on the road, it’s now possible for people to share clips on social media and get them added to the official Bus Stickers app.

The app is a free download and can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple App Store.

According a statement on the app’s website, the Bus Sticker app lets users add the Bus # and Bus #20 stickers to their Bus stickers, to make it easier for them to get on the bus, as well as share clips.

“Bus drivers must be able and willing to share with the public bus clips in order to help improve safety and security on the public transport network,” the statement read.

“Bus Stickers is a good tool to share your Bus stickers with the world and it’s not necessary to own the app.”

The app also gives users the option to upload the Bus 15 sticker to their device to make sure it stays with the app.

In a statement, the city said: “Bus drivers can upload and share Bus Sticks, but Bus Sticky stickers are a public good, and must be given the proper permissions.”

In a further statement, Transport Minister Oliver Steinhauer said the decision to ban the practice was “a good thing”.

“We have the power to make things safe for all,” he said.

“The app, like all public services, must be safe.”

The ministry added that the apps were only available for download to drivers who had been certified as Bus Stackers and were willing to take responsibility for the safety of the public.

However, the app does have a disclaimer, saying that “Bus stickers are public goods, so they are also subject to taxation”.