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I know what you’re thinking: my address has an asterisks next to it.

Is it a typo?

Or an error?

Maybe it’s a bug in Gmail or a way to prevent you from sending spam.

But if your address has no asterisks, chances are your email address is a placeholder.

Here are some of the reasons why:Your email address should be uniqueWhen you use a mobile phone, your phone number should be displayed on your address.

But when you use your email account, the address is just a placeholder that can be changed anytime.

That’s why a placeholder address has to be unique.

An address with multiple digits should be one of the first letters of the last name, the middle initial of the surname or the first and last name.

If you don’t have a unique email address, chances is your email will be seen as spam.

When you receive emailsYou probably know that when you receive an email, your browser must clear the email address.

If that’s not possible, you may receive a notification saying that you can’t view the email.

That can lead to a lot of confusion.

Here’s what to do:If you can, clear your browser cache.

If you receive multiple emails at once, clear all the messages at once.

If your email has multiple addresses, you can clear your cache by clicking the Clear All button.

If your email contains a domain, you’ll see a popup box asking you to clear the domain.

To clear your email, open your email client.

From the Mail menu, click Clear All.

The email address you’ve set up is your placeholder addressIf you’re sending email to someone else, your placeholder email address could end up in a spam folderIf your placeholder emails are already in spam folders, your address is probably spam.

Here are some tips for clearing your email.

Clear your cache when you have no data in itIf you have email that has no emails in it, it may be time to delete the email altogether.

Delete the email from your cache.

Open a new email and tap Delete from cache.

Tap Delete from your email app.

Your email should now be deleted.

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