Cheap freight and buses

A bus schedule posted by the TTC on its website shows that the subway will be running on the subway’s new service, the B15 bus service.

The B15 service, which was originally announced in 2017, will run from Union Station to Sheppard Ave., and from Sheppard to Gerrard St. E. The subway is set to open in 2021.

There is no schedule for when the service will run between Jarvis St. and Yonge St. W. The Toronto Transit Commission’s new system is due to be up and running in the fall of 2021.

The service will operate on the new Blue Line subway, the first phase of which will begin in 2020.

This will allow the TTC to expand its Blue Line service to serve a growing number of Scarborough residents, and is expected to reduce the need for rapid transit, according to the TTC.

This service is also expected to improve bus travel times for Scarborough residents and tourists.

TTC says it is not able to confirm the exact time of day buses will run during the weekend because of inclement weather, and will be unable to say whether the subway service will be operating during the winter holidays.

The TTC also said it was unable to confirm how many buses will be on the B16 route, as some of the routes will run through a busy downtown core.