Cheap freight and buses

A few weeks ago, a CTA bus tracker app was announced for iOS.

It works on iOS 8, but doesn’t support the latest version of the OS.

But a CTS report recently detailed the problems the Tracker app can have: The app doesn’t automatically show bus routes and stops when the app is running, and it doesn’t display the real time transit counts for some stops.

The app also doesn’t show information about how far from a stop a bus is and how long it takes to get to a stop.

Bus Tracker is an iPhone app that was supposed to be a way to quickly see the location of your favorite CTA buses.

The first version, released in December 2014, was supposed help people plan their rides, but it was plagued by bugs.

A year later, a version of Tracker that works on Android is now available.

Now, CTA has announced that it will release a version for Android as well.

The Tracker app is available for iOS 8 and later, and a new version for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 9 is in the works.