Cheap freight and buses

Posted March 11, 2019 05:16:54 The Perth and South Australian Transport Corporation has changed the schedule of its buses to save fuel.

The company said it would use a new bus schedule for the South Australian capital city which would be a two-way route between Perth and Darwin.

It said the change was necessary to avoid the congestion caused by a winter of record high temperatures.

A bus was last on the schedule in the Perth suburb of Grafton, which is just west of the city.

“This change is a necessary step in managing our network, as our buses are no longer used in the same way as they have been for some time,” said the company in a statement.

Transport Minister, Richard Wynne, said the new schedule would reduce the number of trips that would be made between Perth, Darwin and the capital.

Mr Wynne said the department would monitor the impact on the network.

There were 6,000 trips made between Graftons west end and the centre of the state, which were a significant reduction from last year.

In the Perth CBD, there were more than 6,500 trips made and a bus was on the route about 15 times.

He said the reduction in numbers and travel times would help reduce congestion and provide a better service for people travelling to and from the CBD.

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