Cheap freight and buses

A bus driver and his partner have been arrested after being caught on camera driving through a traffic jam at a busy intersection in Melbourne, South Australia.

The video shows the bus approaching the intersection at a speed of around 100km/h (62mph) in a matter of seconds.

It is unclear if the driver, who has not been named, has a licence or not.

According to the Department of Transport, a driver’s licence can only be issued for “serious driving offences” but the video shows that he was “trying to keep the bus moving”.

“It’s very unusual for a bus driver to be in a jam and then to be driving through traffic on a busy road, but it’s what happens when you’re in a bus and that’s what happened,” Victoria Police officer Rob Clements said.

The driver was later arrested and charged with obstructing traffic.

In South Australia, there is a requirement for all buses to be equipped with cameras, but not all drivers have the equipment.

The bus in question was travelling from Canberra to Adelaide.

The ABC contacted the Department for Transport and has not received a response from them.

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