Cheap freight and buses

A proposed tax on electric vehicles is being considered by the U.S. Senate.

TapToken, a U.K.-based company that designs and sells battery-powered electric buses, announced plans Wednesday to start charging passengers for its buses with the tap of a smartphone.

The idea comes as the nation faces a shortage of buses and the need to increase the frequency of public transportation, such as bus trips and bicycle rides.TAPTOKEN, which has raised about $7 million in venture capital from such venture capitalists as Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital, has proposed charging riders with their phones instead of a token, which would allow the company to keep more of the revenue.

“The tap-to-pay model is a natural fit for the current state of the market, which is rapidly evolving and requires a flexible way to distribute the cost of transportation,” TAPTOKS CEO John Witherow said in a statement.

Tapping into a growing need for electric vehicles and the popularity of their fuel-efficient batteries, TAPTONTOOK is considering charging riders up to $5 per trip with the phone, which TAPTAKEN plans to distribute in bus stops and public transportation.

The move would be the latest effort by a major transportation company to explore the use of a payment method like the token, although there is no timeline for when TAPToken might launch the service.TODAY, TAPSELF IS HOSTING AN EVOLUTIONARY DANCE PARTY IN AVAILABLE FOR THE PUBLIC TO WATCH AT THE END OF THIS MONTH!TAPToken’s plan is based on the idea that a ride-share program should be part of the public transportation system, said the company’s executive vice president, Ben S. Taylor, in a blog post.

“We believe that a public transportation operator that provides service to the general public and has an engaged and engaged community of riders is a valuable part of our future,” Taylor wrote.TAPSELF CEO Ben Taylor, left, and chief operating officer Jeff Hensley, center, discuss their company’s plans for charging people with smartphones and offering free rides for people on public transit.TAPPED TOKEN BY AN AUTOBIKE-TOKEN MEMBER OF THE U.N. In a letter to the U, a team of experts are working to develop a system for charging EVs and charging a bicycle to go with them.

The letter from the World Health Organization, the UNAIDS-United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Development Program said charging a bike and electric vehicle with a smartphone could be a solution for people who are not currently using a vehicle but are concerned about the rising cost of fuel and have not been able to find affordable, efficient alternatives.

“While the solution to the transportation gap is a combination of government and private investments, the technology itself must remain accessible to everyone,” the letter said.

The U.NAIDS experts are looking at the technology from a “whole new perspective” and are considering the feasibility of an “electronic cash card” that would be a “token-based payment method that can be used for free by the public and not charge a fee.”TAPTAKS is also working with the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and other organizations to make a public service announcement, which the company hopes will be available in 2018.TAPE TOKEN’S TRAVEL-BASED BROKERAGE TO BE A PART OF TRAVEL ONLINE TAP Token plans to make its buses available for use in public transit stops and at bus stops on the first wave of its fleet.

The company is also seeking partners for its first pilot service in the U-District.TETRAX is a San Francisco-based company whose goal is to provide people a better financial alternative to car ownership.

TETRAXX has raised $4 million in seed funding from more than 200 investors, including Accel Partners, BlackRock, the New York Stock Exchange and Qualcomm Ventures.

Development Is Supported By

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