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By April 2, the MetroBusTracker app will be live on your phone or tablet, allowing you to track your journey and schedule your bus, train, or car.

But what if you want to see more of your journey than a few seconds, and want to know where it’s going?

MetroBus Tracker can now show you a map of your trip in real-time, with detailed routes and travel times.

This will allow you to make more informed travel decisions and will give you a better understanding of your commute.

For example, you can see where the bus is going and how long it will take to get to your destination, as well as when you can expect to be there.

You can also see if the bus has already left your route and if it’s on the way.

You can also find out if your route is within a specific time window or is on the move.

This is a great way to find out which bus or train is most likely to arrive in your area.

If you need a quick overview of the bus schedule before you go, you’ll find it in the next section.

The schedule will also include detailed information about each route, including where the stop is located and when you will be on the route.

You’ll also find a section for the destination of your bus.

The app is now live on Apple Watch, Android Wear, and Google Fit.

You should download the app and sign in with your Google account, which will allow it to sync to your watch.

You’ll also be able to check your time and location on your smartphone or tablet as the app will now show it on the map, so you’ll be able see the bus as you get off.

MetroBusTracker is the Metrobus Tracker app you’ve been waiting for, and we can’t wait to see what you do with it.

To download the MetroBuses Tracker app, go to the MetroMaps app on your Apple Watch or Google Fit watch.

To open the app, tap on the Metrobuses Tracker icon.

This opens a new window.

Select the app to be launched from this new window and you’ll see an overview of your journeys, including route details and stop locations.

Tap the arrow on the right of the MetroRoute details to expand and tap on any bus route you’d like to see.