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A new report shows that the vast majority of metro bus routes in metro Atlanta are still closed, despite a federal court ruling in February that ordered the system to reopen.

The new report by the metro Atlanta Regional Commission, a government body, shows that bus service between Atlanta’s Atlanta Beltline and its northern suburbs remains “operational,” meaning it is open to passengers, but only for “essential transportation.”

Metro buses are operating on their normal routes, including the Atlanta BeltLine, which are only operated between Atlanta and its southern suburbs.

Metro buses are operated on the following routes:All Metro Bus routes, except the Atlanta beltline route, remain operational.

The Atlanta BeltLink is closed to service.

Atlanta BeltLinkRoute 4: All services are expected to resume between Atlanta, Georgia, and Montgomery, Alabama, starting Tuesday, Jan. 26.

Route 7: All service is expected to re-open between Atlanta with the opening of the Atlanta-Montgomery International Airport, and the Atlanta suburb of Kennesaw, Georgia.

Route 14: All routes are expected re-opening in the Atlanta metro area, including service on the Atlanta and Atlanta Beltlines, the Atlanta Metro Rail Link and the new Atlanta-Oconee-Granite City-Gallaudet International Airport Rail Link.

Atlanta RailLinkRoute 5: All Atlanta Rail Link services will operate from the new downtown Atlanta airport, which is scheduled to open in late 2017.

Atlanta-Montana Parkway BusRoute 3: All passenger service between the Atlanta area and the north and west suburbs of Atlanta will be re-opened between Jan. 2 and Jan. 28.

Service is expected on all of the routes.

Atlanta Regional Commission’s new report says:The report also says that there are several Metro bus routes that will not be operating due to their operational status.

The report says that service will continue on these routes:The Atlanta Beltlink will operate to the new Downtown Atlanta Airport, which will be open by June 2019.

All services between the new airport and Atlanta will re-establish.

Atlanta RailLink will operate between Atlanta International Airport and the northern suburbs of the metro area.

The Atlanta MetroRailLink will reopening between Atlanta-Springdale, Ga., and its final terminus in Savannah, Ga.

The BeltLine will operate north to south from the Atlanta Airport to its final destination in Savannah.

The MetroRaillink will reestablish between Atlanta/Grantham, Ga.; and its terminus at the new Savannah International Airport.

All Metro RailLink routes will operate.