Cheap freight and buses

The Montgomery bus boycott campaign is still going strong after a new poll showed that 61 per cent of people in the county want to see the bus company shut down.RTE has released a new interactive map which shows the spread of the boycott across the county.

The boycott was triggered by a report by a bus company called Redbus that was found to be operating in contravention of the European Union’s directive on safety standards.

It was claimed that a company in South Wales had hired contractors to conduct a “safety audit” of the company’s operation in 2017.

In response, the local bus company, which is owned by the RTE group, suspended operations for two weeks.

It is not the first time the bus boycott has seen a push to bring down a company.

In 2014, a bus boycott in Leeds saw the city banned from using public transport for up to 12 hours a day.

The bus boycott caused a national outcry and resulted in the closure of the bus companies buses, which were then sent to other parts of the country.