Cheap freight and buses

Toronto’s subway system is being run more carefully after a recent crash killed six people, the city said Monday.

The incident, which occurred in the south end of the city, occurred on the TTC’s Yonge line.

Toronto Transit Commission officials are urging riders to check the status of their tickets on the Toronto Transit Map before boarding the subway.

They also advised drivers to take extra caution when approaching an oncoming vehicle.

A spokesperson for Mayor Rob Ford told reporters Monday morning that the TTC will be conducting a study of the issue.

Toronto Transit’s Yum and Dumpton bus routes are also being closely monitored after a similar incident in the north end of town, the spokesperson said.

It is unclear what caused the derailment that killed six at the Yum-Dumpton station on March 19.

The Toronto Fire Department said it responded to a call at 7:55 a.m. at the north-end station of Yum Dumptons bus route.

The cause of the derailments is not known.