Cheap freight and buses

The bus for sale at the bottom of this article is a bus that has seen its price soar over the past few years, and now is available for a fraction of that price.

The bus that went from a mere £1,500 to £8,000 is one of a select group of buses being sold for £2,500.

It is the first bus in the current era to have an ‘automated bus’ in the form of the Sustrans Smart Bus, which can also be used to drive to the airport.

Sustrans claims the Smart Bus can make up to 12,000 trips a day, although it also says that it is “the world’s most advanced self-driving bus system.”

The Sustrals Smart Bus has a maximum capacity of 60 people and can travel at a top speed of up to 70mph (115km/h) on a standard electric motor.

It can carry up to 20 passengers, with seating for eight people, and can drive itself on the city streets.

The company says it has successfully tested the bus, and that it has “proven the bus can drive autonomously on roads where pedestrians and cyclists can’t travel freely, for example in the city center.”

Sustrals also says the bus will “reduce congestion” and “increase the number of journeys between points where it can be operated at all times.”

In order to get a bus to you, you need to buy it and you need a deposit of £5,000 ($7,500).

You can see the full specs of the bus below.