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The official Spanish language website for Spain’s national bus service has been changed to an English-language one.

It’s an initiative aimed at encouraging Spanish speakers to use Spanish on the bus, but many of those who are not currently fluent will struggle to communicate with the new website.

The change to the Spanish-language website was announced in a new update on Friday.

It adds a link to the website’s new English-only website.

Spanish-only has been the official website for the bus service since 2011, but in March 2016 it changed to English and has been used since.

Some Spanish speakers will still struggle to understand the English-based Spanish site.

The new Spanish-based website was created with the goal of encouraging Spanish-speaking bus passengers to use the bus as an alternative to driving.

The website will show the routes of the bus that will be available for passengers to choose.

It also has an interactive map with bus stops and other information.

The official website will also provide information about the different bus service routes available to the public.