Cheap freight and buses

A Delhi bus company is facing pressure to start using reservation-free buses and passengers are demanding more.

The Delhi Municipal Corporation (DMCA) said the buses have been developed to be used by the poor, especially the homeless and the disabled.

The buses are used by people who can’t afford a regular bus fare and have to make the journey on foot, but have no facilities to stay overnight, or to get off and pick up a fare.

A passenger with a wheelchair on a Delhi bus, on the other hand, is entitled to use the bus.

The government is keen to move towards a system that is free and affordable, but the city has not given its nod yet.

The city government has also not provided any funding for a system where people who are homeless, the disabled or the homeless can avail of a free or discounted ticket.

The homeless are not allowed to use buses, according to the Delhi High Court.

The court also said the government must consider the rights of those who are in the public eye, including those who work as drivers, teachers, doctors, cleaners, cleaners of toilets, and other employees.

It is against the law for anyone to refuse to take a ticket for a bus without any reservation.

The DMCA is also considering the idea of a separate bus system where the fares are paid for by a farebox.

The service, which runs daily from 7 am to 8 pm, is currently free and the buses are free to use.

But people are protesting against the service.

The bus company said it would take the matter up with the Delhi Municipal Council.