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India is planning to reach its 10 million bus schedule in 2019 and 10 million by 2020, the government said on Thursday.

Bus schedule in full:A total of 1,400 buses will start rolling in 2019 as part of a drive to build up capacity, a government statement said.

The bus schedule includes an average of 11,000 trips daily on average, including 6,000 on weekends, and 4,500 on holidays, it added.

“The ambitious target of the government is to reach 10 million buses by 2020.

We are targeting 10 million vehicles, which is the target that we had set in the Budget,” said Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari.

India’s bus network is expanding at a rapid pace as the country moves away from its reliance on coal and natural gas for power and infrastructure.

In 2017, the country’s bus fleet reached nearly 1.5 million vehicles.

On Thursday, Gadkarian said the government will soon start making investments to boost the supply of buses.

Gadkari told reporters that the government aims to increase the number of buses on the roads by 50% from the current level of 6,200 to 7,000 by 2019.

By 2020, Gadgari said, there will be 1.9 million buses on Indian roads, an increase of 40%.

“India is in a transition phase.

We have to continue with the transition.

We need to invest in infrastructure, so we need to increase buses on our roads,” he said.

Gadkar said the plan was to get all vehicles on the road by 2019 and would be done in coordination with the ministry of road transport and highways.

Earlier this month, the ministry said it would spend $100 million on expanding the number and types of buses and buses themselves, in order to help the country meet its 10-million-bus target.

(Reporting by Anupam Jain; Editing by Ravi Dutta)