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New York, NY—January 6, 2019—Vice News is reporting that the New York City bus schedule could have saved the life of a young girl who was hit by a bus on January 4, 2019.

In the early hours of January 4th, at around 4:30am, a bus carrying three people was hit from behind by a truck in Brooklyn’s West Village neighborhood.

The driver was not injured.

However, the driver of the truck who was not wearing a seatbelt managed to get out of the way of the driver and the driver who was driving the bus, while the passenger on the back of the bus was not able to get his hands free.

As the driver continued to hit the passenger, the passenger got up and ran towards the vehicle in the street.

He was not hit by the truck as the driver had been, and he continued on towards the bus in his vehicle, but was struck by the front end of the cab of the vehicle.

He suffered severe injuries to his face, arm and shoulder, and his head was shattered.

The girl was treated at a local hospital for injuries to her face, head and face, as well as a broken collarbone.

However in the morning, a police report from the incident revealed that the driver was a man, who did not wear a seat belt, and had not been stopped by police.

The New York State Police said the driver did not know the woman in the front seat was a girl and had no knowledge of her gender.

The NYPD also said that the victim’s family had not requested that the girl’s injuries be treated by a doctor, and that she was treated for minor injuries to the head, face and arm, and no fractures.

However the girl was transported to New York University Hospital for treatment of minor injuries, and is expected to survive.

The family of the victim told Vice News that they did not believe the driver’s actions should have caused her injuries.

Vice News spoke with several witnesses who saw the attack and the suspect at the scene, who said that they believed the driver would have killed the girl if he had been wearing a ticket and did not get out to stop the truck.

A few witnesses told Vice that the cab driver had not stopped the truck after hitting the passenger.

The victim’s mother also said the cab was moving slowly and had been speeding up when the cab hit the girl, and she said she was scared that the bus driver would try to flee, as she had heard him scream for help and see him being taken away in the cab.

However no police were dispatched at the time of the attack, and police did not issue any reports about the attack.

Vice also spoke with the victim who had been waiting in line to catch a bus for her daughter, and when the driver saw the girl he immediately got out of his car and started to fight with the passenger who had already left the bus.

He then grabbed the woman and pushed her against the side of the car, as he was being pushed back by the passenger in the back.

The woman was hit in the face and neck, as the cab had not started rolling.

She was taken to a nearby hospital where she underwent emergency surgery for her injuries, which are not believed to be life-threatening.

Vice said the New Jersey State Police are investigating whether the driver should have been ticketed for failing to stop for the girl.

However New York state law requires drivers to stop if they have reason to believe that an individual has committed a crime.

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