Cheap freight and buses

A new study says Michigan’s transit system is “shaky” with too many stops and too many lines.

The study, conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board, found Michigan is one of the worst in the nation when it comes to fatalities and injuries related to trains and buses.

The NTSB said the state ranks 49th in terms of fatalities per 100,000 people.

It also ranked fourth in terms, with more than 100, of the states population, and fourth overall, with almost 70,000.

The board said the study found “significant gaps” in the system, which could be caused by “a lack of investment in safe and reliable trains, a lack of funding for safety training and awareness programs, or simply lack of resources to maintain a safe system.”

There are roughly 2.6 million people in Michigan.

The survey found about half of them live in Detroit, while the rest live in the suburbs.

It said it found that a majority of those in Michigan have been commuting on public transportation for some time.

It added that the study didn’t look at the effects of the economic recession, or the recession itself.

It did, however, note the study was based on an in-depth analysis of data that didn’t include data from the last few years.

The agency also said it didn’t take into account other factors such as cost, reliability and other factors.

The Michigan Department of Transportation, which is part of the Federal Transit Administration, said it was conducting an internal review.

“The report confirms that we need to invest in better training and communications, better equipment, and better technologies to reduce the number of deaths and injuries,” the agency said in a statement.

The report was released Monday.

The Federal Transit Agency also said the agency was working with local and regional agencies to improve communication and coordination of transportation services.

Transportation Secretary Joe Pesaturo called the findings “disappointing.”

“We need to continue to invest money into the transportation system to ensure safety and security, and we also need to keep investing money in public transportation,” Pesatiro said.

He also called on Michigan to develop and implement a safe, reliable and safe way to move people, including people who ride public transit.