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The Metro, the main commuter line of Mumbai’s metro system, is set to run at 4:00pm on Wednesday, November 2, 2019, as the Railways were busy completing preparations for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Delhi corridor that runs from Chennai to Bangalore.

The metro will run in phases.

The Mumbai-Ahmadabad-Pune corridor is one of the biggest transit corridors in India and the new metro line will run along this route, which is connected to the existing Metro rail corridor.

The Mumbai-Delhite-Punjab route runs between Ahmedabad and Delhi.

The Metro line will also link the existing suburban rail corridor with the Delhi-Ahadwapsi route.

The Metro line is part of a planned Metro expansion that would take the line from Mumbai to Hyderabad and the rest of India.

The existing line from Chennai will be extended by three km on Wednesday to Ahmedabad, and the line to Delhi will be expanded by six km on Tuesday.