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Delhi, February 24:The Delhi Metro has started issuing free tickets to all commuters on February 24 for two days.

The first batch of free tickets was issued on Sunday and on Tuesday, they were extended to Monday and Wednesday.

The Delhi Metropolitan Region Transport Corporation (DMRC) said in a statement that “all commuters who want to avail the free tickets will have to show their valid ticket and proof of residence for two consecutive days.”

The tickets are valid for two-days, on February 19 and 20, at all stations. 

The DMRC said the free ticket is valid from February 20 to March 17.

The tickets were not available on the DMRC website on Monday.

On Tuesday, a group of commuters who were not able to book tickets by Tuesday evening said they will be staying in their home town of Gurgaon for two weeks and would get free tickets for a week. 

Delhi Metro spokesperson Ramesh Kumar told NDTV that the Delhi Metro had offered free tickets from February 10 to February 23. 

Kumar added that the free transport will be for commuters who are travelling between Gurgaons and Delhi, from March 10 to April 16, and between May 8 and May 18, respectively. 

Free transport for commuters On Tuesday morning, DMRC also offered free transportation to commuters from Gurgaonia to Delhi. 

In a tweet, Kumar said that commuters will be able to travel between Gwalior and Gurgaonian by February 23 and they will get free transport for the next two weeks. 

DMRC also announced free transportation between Golkata and Delhi from March 13 to April 21. 

 Free transportation On February 21, Delhi Metro said commuters will get a free ticket for two hours for free travel between the two cities, as per the DMSC website. 

On Monday, DMMC said commuters who do not have valid tickets will be given free transportation. 

A DMRC spokesperson said, “It is expected that the public will benefit from the free transportation scheme, as there will be no cost to them. 

This is the first time that DMRC has extended the free service to commuters.”

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