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When The CW’s superhero show The Flash premieres its second season this spring, fans will be left to wonder what the show’s future holds.

The network has been coy about what the fate of the series’ upcoming episodes will be, even as The CW has announced that it will not air any more episodes of the superhero series.

“The Flash” premiered its second-season finale on April 23, but only aired the first eight episodes of its season 2 finale.

However, on April 28, the network revealed that it had canceled its entire superhero TV schedule, meaning that the series will no longer be airing in its entirety.

However the show is not the only CW show to have its fate tied to the end of the year.

In addition to The Flash, The 100, and Legends of Tomorrow, the CW also announced the cancellation of Arrow, Supernatural, and Supergirl.

The show’s creators, Andrew Kreisberg and Trevor Roth, have been teasing the cancellation for some time, with Kreisber stating in April that the show would be “on the chopping block.”

Kreisburg stated, “We have to keep the focus on the work that we’re doing and the stories we’re telling and that’s the focus of The Flash season 2.”

Kreissberg and Roth also revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that The Flash will be “sitting pretty on the chopping board” for at least a year.

While The Flash was able to stay on air, The CW is not letting that stop the network from keeping the series alive in some capacity.

“If we can’t get [another] episode of The 100 on the air for another year or so, we’re going to have to move on,” Kreisbur said.

Kreisberger and Roth will not be the only members of The CW who are considering leaving the series.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the duo also discussed what it was like writing for The Flash and whether or not they felt The CW should renew the show for a fourth season.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andrew and Trevor and having a fantastic time with the show, and I’m just thrilled to see what we get from them,” Kreissbur said in the interview.

“We can’t imagine how much better The Flash would be if we had an extended run of it.

But we can always talk about that, right?”

Kreiserman added.

Kreissburg and Roth have been on board with the CW’s plans to keep The Flash on the schedule, but they are also considering another direction for the series that would allow for a four-episode spin-off.

“As an industry, we have been talking about ways to do something with The Flash that is not just a spin-on but something that will have continuity to it and it will be the one we do for a long time,” Kreiskberg said.

“This is a show we’ve loved doing for a very long time.

We’ve had a great run and we’ve got a great team of writers.

We’re happy to continue to do this show for as long as we can.”

Kreischer and Roth added that The CW and The CW Studios will continue to work on the “Legends of Tomorrow” spin-offs.

Kreischer has already said that he is interested in the possibility of the show returning for a spinoff, but Kreisbert and Roth are not ready to commit to that.

“Legend of Tomorrow is the show we’re excited about, but there are a lot of things we want to do for Legends of the Tomorrow that have not yet been determined,” Kreischberg said in May.

Kreiser added that they are “really excited to have more of the Legends of The Tomorrow universe in the future,” but are also looking into the possibility that Legends of Justice may also return.

“You have the Justice League on the way, so it would be nice to see a different sort of DC Universe in the show,” Kreischer said.

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