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The bus driver who was fired on by protesters as he tried to get back on his train from the city’s main station to Koutoura in the south has died, police said on Tuesday.

Police fired rubber bullets at the bus driver and detained a number of people as he drove to Kouroura station in the suburbs of Athens, the Athens district police said.

It was the second fatal attack on a bus in less than a week after a bus driver was shot dead by protesters during a demonstration outside a public park in central Paris on Monday.

The driver, who was on his way to the city of Koutoula in the Koutougou region, was hit by bullets and died on the spot, according to the Athens police.

The demonstrators, who had gathered to protest against the government’s decision to cancel the planned Euro 2020 soccer tournament, were met by police and protesters on a street in Koutounoura.

The protesters were reportedly angry that the police had not taken the necessary steps to stop them from entering the park, according the Associated Press news agency.

The clashes took place just after midnight and there were reports of heavy clashes between police and demonstrators in the suburb of Kourounouri, which has a population of about 1,200 people.

Police said they had deployed a number to protect the crowd of some 100,000 people and that one person had been arrested.

It is unclear what caused the incident and if it was related to the Euro 2020 football tournament.

Koutouri has been hit by clashes with police before.

In November, demonstrators blocked a major highway and set fire to cars, injuring three police officers.

In April, an arsonist set fire at a house in the town of Vastas, setting off an intense firefight that left five people dead.

In the past, the unrest has targeted government ministers and other senior officials.

Police have detained dozens of people and are seeking to clear the streets of protesters, who have blocked roads in the area for months.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Greek government said it was suspending a controversial law that would have increased fines for rioting in the country, and that it was calling on protesters to move back to their homes.

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