Cheap freight and buses

It’s a good thing the Bus Depot is only three blocks away from the cinema and that’s because the local traffic congestion has been greatly reduced thanks to the cinema.

It’s been called the bus depot because the cinema’s patrons can sit on the bus for up to 30 minutes, then take it home and drive it back home.

The cinema is located on a busy intersection in the suburb of Dandenong, and the busy traffic has reduced to a trickle as it passes the cinema daily.

A recent study found that the traffic congestion in the region was the second-worst in the state after Victoria.

In February this year, the Victoria Department of Transport commissioned the University of Adelaide to study how to reduce traffic congestion at the Dandening Cinemas, and after four months of research they found the best way to do that was to build a bus depot in the centre of the town.

Victoria’s Minister for Roads and Maritime Development and Transport Minister Simon Birmingham, who is also the Mayor of Dands, has said the new bus depot could reduce congestion by a third.

“This project would allow the Dands Cinema to be more efficient by reducing the number of vehicles in the area by up to 40 per cent,” he said.

Dandening Mayor Simon Birmingham has promised a new bus station to alleviate traffic congestion on the Danded Road.

He said the project would save motorists up to $2.3 million a year and would also allow for a bus interchange that would increase traffic flow.

Bus depot project ‘a godsend’ to the local economy The new bus terminal could also improve the local economies of Danded and the surrounding area, as well as attracting business and tourism.

There are already several businesses in the vicinity of the cinema that would benefit from the new facility, including a small car wash and car wash rental company, which are both based nearby.

Local business owner, Robby Sillars said the business was planning to open a new shop on the site, and he was excited about the new project.

“The cinema’s going to be a godsend for the area, it’s got a great view and the traffic is going to go down,” Mr Sillar said.

”I think it will be a good idea.” “

(Businesses) will be able to get a bit more money from them, the people are going to come in here, they’ll be able see the films and they’ll get out and buy something.

”I think it will be a good idea.”

He also said he was confident that the project could reduce the cost of running a small business.

Mr Sillaries business has already received a grant of $25,000 to help pay for the project.

Development Is Supported By

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