Cheap freight and buses

A new bus is being considered for Ottawa, with a report by the city’s transportation agency calling for the replacement of an old fleet.

The council will hear from members of the public Monday morning on a plan to replace the bus fleet, which dates back to the 1960s.

Bus service on city buses is a vital part of Ottawa’s downtown transportation network.

The buses are used by tens of thousands of residents daily.

“We are considering a few options including the use of a new vehicle, and that vehicle may be a bus, depending on the type of vehicle that would be used,” said Coun.

Joe Volpe.

He said the report is looking at whether the city should consider a fleet replacement.

Volpe said he has asked the city to identify a specific vehicle that the city wants for the buses, but the city hasn’t responded.


Mike Layton, chair of the transit committee, said he hasn’t had the chance to speak to the transportation department about the plan.

On Monday, the city is considering a proposal to install a bus lane on the Gardiner Expressway to increase capacity.

Some residents, however, are concerned that installing a bus will be a disruption to business.

More than 500 business owners have signed a petition asking the city not to replace their buses.

They say the buses can make the city more bike friendly.

However, some councillors said they are supportive of the new buses and the improvements to the expressway.

Ottawa Coun.

Karen Stintz (D) said she supports the idea of a bus line on the expressways and she hopes to hear more from the city on the project.

As well, Coun.

Dan Clark (Green Party) is calling for a bus network.

Clark said he’s concerned about the safety of people on the streets, particularly during rush hour.

For now, the council will consider a recommendation from the mayor and transportation director.

You can read the full report on the city website:

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